Lead Like a Wizard: Sometimes your problem requires a bigger solution that a talk alone can deliver. When you really need to shift the way a group is approaching their problems, or to build their presentation and persuasion skills radically in a short time, that's when a Wizard Workshop event may be just the thing. Designed to create the specific sort of changes your group may require, each workshop is different. Lasting from 3 hours up to 3 days, workshops include talks, hands on training, experiential challenges (wizards learn best from direct experience), all with a sprinkling of fun and entertainment.

The Wizard's Way to Power Presentation: The art of public speaking and creating presentations is one you really can only learn by doing. Tobias experience as teacher and director of top performers for over 30 years means you get input from a world-class teacher in a safe and nurturing setting. You'll feel more comfortable, have more fun, and be far more successful in every presentation you give following this. And we have a second version Power Presenting with Magic," taught in association with the world-renowned McBride Magic & Mystery School, if you're looking for something even more fun than the straight workshop.