Tobias Beckwith


A manifesto and guidebook revealing the secrets of the real wizards of history to empower the world changers of today. The author examines the stories of wizards both from legend--Merlyn, Gandalf, The Wizard of Oz, etc.--but also many true wizards from history, including da Vinci, Einstein, Gandhi and more recent examples including Eve Ensler, Jeff McBride and Steve Jobs. He concludes that these unusually effective human change agents share certain common traits. Traits that are not taught in our schools, but can be learned by anyone willing to seek the necessary experiences and embrace the essential principles. Our time requires humans willing to embrace the wisdom only available through experience and reflection. We need those willing to take on radical levels of personal responsibility as the shepherds of change. Those who insist on true, first hand understanding through their own thought processes, who can see the systems within systems that make the world work, and have the courage to truly question everything. These are the true wizards. This book is designed to set readers on the path that can make each of them such a person--The Wizard's Way.

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For those who are seeking to find themselves, this is a superlative manual for self-discovery.


It is, in its generation (today), very much the sort of game-changer that Ram Dass’s “Be Here Now” was in *its* day… There are many roads to enlightenment; perhaps magic is one of them, for those who travel the Wizard’s Way.

Robert Parker (Composer, Educator)


The Wizard’s Way is a valuable read for any business person, someone on a personal quest, someone who has an inkling that there’s more, and a person who’s motivated to be better in his work and social life. The book lays a groundwork to explore and own the natural and everyday “magic” we sense is around us...


Wizardry is not some new-age-woo-woo path, it’s about being the best you can, and giving all you’ve got to your career, work, family and friends, to leave a” magical” legacy behind. I can’t recommend Wizard’s Way highly enough, it’s the most important and engaging non-fiction book I’ve read all year.


Walt Anthony (Magician, Actor)







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