Whether through a magical talk, coaching session, workshop or on line consultation,

I can help you develop your own personal wizard powers to

effectively change yourself and the world around you.

Tobias Beckwith


The Wizard's Way: In this talk, Tobias reveals the secrets of such world-changers as  Leonardo da Vinci, Mohandas Gandhi, Albert Einstein, and others. Real wizards, all, and with certain common traits and ways of thinking which set them apart. Illustrated with a series of magic effects, the talk is inspirational, informative and entertaining. Custom tailored to each group, the talk teaches useful "wizard techniques" for businesses, for education and for individuals.

Power Presentations: True wizards often create change by leveraging the efforts of others.   To do so, we need to be able to communicate clearly and persuasively. This talk shows how to use the principles taught in "The Wizard's Way" to up your basic presentation and communication skills. Tobias is uniquely qualified as someone who has not only taught public speaking at the University level, but has also taught acting and been both coach and director for  world-class performing artists for several decades.


From the start, one of Tobias' great talents has been in helping others reach their own maximum potential. He has assisted Marco Tempest & Jeff McBride to the top of their fields, not only in terms of their businesses, but in making them the best performers they can be.  He has built programs to help entrepreneurs and science students become first-rate presenters, helped magicians, mentalists and  jugglers hone their acts for the corporate and international marketplaces. Tobias can help you become a better performer or presenter, and if you're  the business of being an independent performer or speaker, he can help you build your business in  solid and creative ways. Working either   live or by video-conference, he stands prepared to help you reach your highest goals. Click the contact button above now to arrange a session.


Lead Like a Wizard: Sometimes your problem requires a bigger solution that a talk alone can deliver. When you really need to shift the way a group is approaching their problems, or to build their presentation and persuasion skills radically in a short time, that's when a Wizard Workshop event may be just the thing. Designed to create the specific sort of changes your group may require, each workshop is different. Lasting from 3 hours up to 3 days, workshops include talks, hands on training, experiential challenges (wizards learn best from direct experience), all with a sprinkling of fun and entertainment.

The Wizard's Way to Power Presentation: The art of public speaking and creating presentations is one you really can only learn by doing. Tobias experience as teacher and director of top performers for over 30 years means you get input from a world-class teacher in a safe and nurturing setting. You'll feel more comfortable, have more fun, and be far more successful in every presentation you give following this. And we have a second version Power Presenting with Magic," taught in association with the world-renowned McBride Magic & Mystery School, if you're looking for something even more fun than the straight workshop.


Always having dreamed of a career as a writer, Tobias has now become one!


After years of writing press releases for his clients, he has recently published two books in which he shares the secrets gained from a life helping others reach their personal best as performers, The Wizard's Way, and The Wizard's Way to Powerful Presentations.  Prior to that, Tobias had a running column in MAGIC Magazine, and two books for magicians (Beyond Deception, Vol 1 & 2).


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