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Born with a love of all things theatrical, Tobias Beckwith wrote, directed and starred in his first play while in the fifth grade. He was trained first as a performer (BFA - Temple University with honors in Theater), and then as a director and designer (MA - University of Pittsburgh). He went on to teach and direct in the performing arts curriculum at Pitt before moving to New York City in 1977. In New York he worked as company manager, general manager or theater manager on such long running hits as The Fantasticks, the original Sweeney Todd and Oh! Calcutta!, as well as producing off and off-off Broadway and touring shows. At the same time, he managed the modern dance companies CoDanceco and the Rod Rodgers Dance Company.


In the late 80’s, Beckwith began working with magical artists Jeff McBride and Marco Tempest, and by the early 90’s had opened his own production and management company, Tobias Beckwith & Associates. Through TBA, he produced McBride’s shows at venues from New York’s Off-Broadway (The Ballroom) to Atlantic City & Las Vegas Casinos, cruise ships, and arts festivals around the world. In 1997 he closed up operations in New York and moved to Las Vegas, where he opened Tobias Beckwith, Inc. and became a partner in Real Magic, Inc. Since then, Beckwith has expanded production activities widely in the corporate theatre market and through producing ambient character players for Caesars Magical Empire.  He helped Marco Tempest build his popular "Power Show" for the corporate theater market, and has supplied the character voices for several of Tempest's soundtracks which accompany his newer pieces. He is a regular faculty member at Jeff McBride’s Magic & Mystery School, teaching theater arts and business for magicians, and continues to produce, direct and manage dozens of shows each year starring Jeff McBride, Marco Tempest, Paul Draper, Eugene Burger, Scott Hitchcock and other top talents.


More recently, Beckwith published a series of articles on the business of magic for MAGIC magazine, and his own book on creativity for magicians, Beyond Deception: the Theory and Practice of Creating Original Magic. A second volume, Beyond Deception - Vol. 2: From the Wizard's Corner was released in 2014 and is currently available at Amazon.com.  His book, The Wizard's Way was released at the end of 2014, followed by The Wizard's Way to Powerful Presentations in early 2016.  His newest book is Beyond Applause: Marketing & Management for Independent Performers.


He is in demand as a speaker (the subjects: "Think Different - The Wizard's Way," and "Power Presenting.", and as a performance coach / director for speakers and magicians.



For samples of Tobias' published writings:


The Wizard's Way: Secrets of Wizards of the Past, Revealed for World Changers of Today - A manifesto to recruit and train those who would become true wizards, following the paths of famous wizards of the past, including Gandhi, da Vinci, Einstein, Steve Jobs and others. Visit the Wizard's Way Page here.

The Wizard's Way to Powerful Presentations - A quick-start guide to building effective presentations that persuade, entertain and inform. Visit the Wizard's Way Site here.

Beyond Deception: Theory & Practice of Creating Original Magic

A book on theater games and creativity for magicians, released in November of 2007. Visit the Beyond Deception Site.

Beyond Deception - Vol. 2: From the Wizard's Corner

A collection of essays gleaned from Tobias's popular "Wizard's Corner" segment broadcast every Monday for almost 3 years at McBrideMagic.tv. Visit the Beyond Deception Site.

Career Building 101 - 6 part series for Magic Magazine

Articles available on line by clicking here.

Beyond Applause: Marketing & Management for the Independent Performer - On how to run your own business as an independent performer or speaker.



In addition, Tobias has had many press releases picked up and printed for his clients Jeff McBride & Marco Tempest, as well as stand-alone articles published in both Genii & Magic Magazines.



From the Foreward to "Beyond Deception, Vol. 1"


Tobias is well respected in both the world of magic and that of theater. This is the next best thing to having a private tutor or coach working with you. AND…you can take it home!


Bob Fitch - Foreword to Beyond Deception


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