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I create transformative magical experiences.

One book, one talk, one presenter, one class at a time.

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Consultant, author, speaker, creator of magical experiences.


A lifetime working in live entertainment has provided Tobias Beckwith with rare insights into the ways both performers and audiences are transformed by their experiences. He shares this unique knowledge through his books The Wizard's Way, The Wizard's Way to Powerful Presentations, and Beyond Deception, Volumes 1 & 2, and Beyond Applause, as well as in his speaking, consulting, directing and teaching work.


Trained as actor, director and designer for the theater, Tobias taught in the performing arts program at University of Pittsburgh before relocating to New York City. There, he counted himself fortunate to work on the production and management teams for The Fantasticks, the original Broadway production of Sweeney Todd and the long running Oh! Calcutta! Since 1988, Tobias has worked almost exclusively with top magicians Jeff McBride and Marco Tempest, managing, directing and producing events in Las Vegas, off-Broadway, for corporate events, and on tour to theaters and arts festivals around the world. He founded his first corporation in 1988, and has served as CEO or Managing Director of another half dozen companies since then.

Tobias is a messenger of reinvention. He is an exemplar of what he writes. He continually inspires, uplifts, motivates and encourages us all to reach our maximum potential. More than mere words, Tobias gives us his tried and true formulas for a more successful performance and for a better life.


Jeff McBride

April 14th, 2014 - Las Vegas, NV

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